The girls have been sharing a room their whole lives. I remember when I was pregnant with Bradlee, we got Rayne’s bedroom ready for a tiny roommate and she was SO excited to have her sis in there with her. Bradlee used to stand up in her crib and throw things at Rayne to get her attention at night, then they would giggle all night long.

When we moved to Alaska, we moved into a house with enough bedrooms for the girls to have their own rooms, but they didn’t think twice about wanting to share still. I think it was partly because they love each other and partly because we promised them bunkbeds.

Fast forward two years.

This weekend, we did a big bunkbed overhaul! We did the room make-over for a couple of reasons ::

  1. Recently, Rayne (who is now in first grade) has started mentioning that maybe she wants to have her own room. The idea of the girls not sharing a room is too much for my heart to take. So I thought maybe we could just upgrade their room to a “big girl” room.

  2. As much as we have loved bunkbeds, the bedding issue has driven me CRAZY these past two years. At first we set it up so they each had a fitted sheet and a blanket. As they got bigger, though, we added more blankets and eventually a top sheet. The layers of bedding are impossible to maintain on those bunkbeds. Nothing can be tucked into the sides. The top bunk bedding hangs down through to the bottom bunk. It looks like a hot mess no matter how hard we try to keep it under control. I decided it was time to find some bunkbed bedding.

So began my mission to transform a once-cute-but-now-just-messy little kid room into a grown-up-but-still-snuggly-but-also-tidy big girl sanctuary.

If you’re a bunkbed mom, you most likely know of the VERY LIMITED bedding options out there. And if you don’t want bright purple or neon green bedding, the options dwindle even more.

I refused to believe that I was left with just one option for my bunkbed bedding. I searched even further.

And found the pot of gold ::


This company has your bedding needs covered! (No pun intended! Whoa, did I just make up a perfect bedding slogan?! Should I go trademark that right now??)

Seriously - they have all the bedding you could possibly need.

We got a set of inseparable attached sheets for the top bunk (we used regular sheets on the bottom bunk since they tuck under the bed), and two bunk bed hugger fitted comforters.

I know a big trend for bunkbeds right now is the zippered bedding, but I’m really happy with the fitted comforters! A few perks they have over zippered bedding ::

  • You don't have zippers to break

  • You wash the bedding separately so it doesn't take so long to dry

  • They are easier to make than the zipper bedding

  • They are much more durable than the zipper bedding sets

  • The look is the SAME - no hanging blankets anywhere!

  • And with Bunkbeds Bunker, you can get custom/coordinated bunkbed hugger comforter sets!

I absolutely love this company. And I loved working with Beverly, the owner. If you know me at all, you know I love to support a good small business. Beverly is a working mom and the owner/operator of Bunkbeds Bunker. Give her all your support. Go. Now. If you need even more incentive, there is a fall sale going on right now, AND you get free shipping, AND you can use the code “JWBLOG” to receive $20 off your order of $300 or more when you order the hugger comforters!

And, the moment everyone’s been waiting for… the big reveal… here is a side-by-side before and after look at the girls room ::

Plus a bunch more photos of the room makeover, a closer look at the bedding, and the girls’ sweet faces of joy when they saw their new room ::


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