The Truth Journey


I hope you enjoy reading Millie’s story - but my bigger hope is for you to know that her story can be your story too. We all hear the same type of negative self-identity lies that Millie heard, and it’s easy to believe those lies. BUT - we can choose, like Millie, to release those lies and believe truth. I’d love to guide you and your family on your own journeys of releasing lies, hearing truth, and believing that truth.

God has truth for each and every one of us. He created us with a purpose and an identity. His desire is for you to know your true identity and to believe that you are worthy of that identity. 

Below, there are some fun & simple ways to begin your own truth discovery journey. If you want to dive deeper into these concepts, look more closely at what the Bible teaches, and experience even more family-fun activities, then consider buying the companion devotional to Millie and the Warm Wind. The Truth Journey: a Family Devotional is a nine-session devotional that will take you on a fun journey of hearing God’s voice, identifying lies in your life, trading lies for truth, and ultimately living out your true identity.

Identify negative emotions. Anger, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, shame, fear // these signify to us that something is “off” - that we aren’t experiencing God’s perfect peace, that we are believing a lie about ourself or about God. Identifying negative emotions is the first step in experiencing true peace.

Play a game with your children that will help them be able to name negative emotions - take turns making facial expressions that represent an emotion and guess one another’s emotion. 

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Release lies. Like Millie, we all hear lies. We might hear them from another person or in our own thoughts, but it happens all the time! The important part is not to try to never think or hear these lies, but to release them and send them away when we do hear them. When your child experiences a negative emotion, help them identify a lie they are believing to make them feel that emotion. “Release” or confess the lie in a fun way - you can shout it into the sky, whisper it into a balloon like Millie, or write it down on a piece of paper… get creative!


Ask God to tell you His truth. The Warm Wind spoke Millie’s truth to her, and the Holy Spirit speaks our own truths to us, too. Ask God to tell you truth about who you are in His kingdom.

Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches.
— Revelation 3:22 (MSG)

The Bible is filled with truths, so if you are having a hard time hearing what God is saying to you, practice memorizing some biblical truths. Here is one to get you started ::

What marvelous love the Father has extended to us! Just look at it—we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are. 

1 John 3:1


When you have heard God’s truth, you are fully free to live in that truth! That is your true identity. That is who you really are. This is a life-long journey. We will always hear those little lies, but we will always have the opportunity to choose TRUTH in place of the lies.