don't blame the hipsters

There are so many things we could blame on the hipsters.

Traffic. There’s probably a hipster, somewhere, riding their bike, slowing everybody down.

You didn’t get that Stranger Things costume for Halloween that you wanted because they were all sold out? Hipsters.

You used to be able to order plain old coffee, but now you need a pocket dictionary to order your fair-trade organic Swiss water-processed decaf pour-over coffee with just the right flavor, acidity and aroma.

Yes, there are many things we can blame on the hipsters.

One day, back while we were living in Atlanta (we haven’t seen as many hipsters here in Alaska - I think it’s because they like to dress like they’re cold but not actually feel cold), we had to wait 25 minutes for a chair to open up at our favorite donut shop. We obviously blamed the hipsters. While we were complaining about all the Atlanta hipsters and how much time they need to sit and eat a donut, and then stay at their table and talk about their donuts after they finished eating them, while people lined up to wait for tables, Rayne said ::

“Don’t blame the hipsters.”

We took it on as one of our many family anthems. It even made it onto the annual coffee mug last year. The quote mugs are one of my favorite traditions - each year we get one made with a favorite quote said by one of our kids that year. It’s a fun way to remember the little years, since they go by so fast!

When it comes to gift-giving, I always have two big goals :: make it meaningful and support small businesses.

Quote mugs accomplish both of those goals and I usually order them from my favorite small business mecca of Etsy. 

(Another holiday tradition we do that I LOVE, is to give each other special Christmas ornaments each year that signify big things that happened that year - and I always order those custom-made from small shops too!) 

Back to the hipsters. Our mug was a big hit when I posted it on Instagram a few months back, and Rayne’s little quote has been spreading faster than the hipster man-bun trend. So, I’m so excited to give away ONE matching mug — this is a one-of-a-kind mug because only two have ever been made (by the amazing Handmade by Bowden) and YOU can own the second one! 

The day after Black Friday, November 25, is Small Business Saturday - so we are doing a giveaway to celebrate it! 

One winner will win your very own Don’t Blame the Hipsters mug as well as a hand-written letter from Rayne (this is a big treat because who knows what it's going to say). Contest is open November 21 - November 24 and a winner will be announced November 25.

Here’s how to enter ::

For your official entry, comment below on this blog post letting me know who you are and tell me your favorite Small Business!

For additional entries :: 

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Tag a friend on the Instagram or Facebook post (each friend is an additional entry). 

Good luck!


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